Hopewell Music Facing Closure

Without a groundswell of financial support, our North Minneapolis music school will be forced to close

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Without a groundswell of financial support, our North Minneapolis music school will be forced to close

Our students need your help now more than ever

Hopewell Music is up against seemingly insurmountable odds. We are challenged to quickly raise $50,000 or Hopewell Music will be closed. We know how big of an ask this is, and we know that donors like you have many competing priorities when it comes to charitable giving.

Hopewell Music

This could be the end for Hopewell Music

Over seven years of operation, Hopewell Music has shared the power of music with thousands of students. Without Hopewell Music, the majority of these students wouldn’t have been able to access high-quality music programs like ours. That’s because we are the only full-service music school in all of North Minneapolis and 68% of our students require full or partial scholarship.

It’s not just our students who will suffer the loss of our music programs. We provide 20 community concerts and events in North Minneapolis every year, an undeniably valuable addition to the artistic entertainment available on the Northside. Hopewell Music also employs 16 staff and faculty members who bring our mission to life and will experience personal hardship if we close so suddenly.

Hopewell Music

The benefits of music education are proven

Studies show that music students have higher academic achievement in math, science, and language. Music students are also much more likely to graduate and much less likely to incur behavioral infractions than their non-musical peers.

Hopewell Music students themselves report that they feel more confident and that they are inspired to try new things after participating in our programs. Our students have also shared that they wouldn't have access to music education without Hopewell Music, and that they think everyone deserves the opportunity to study music.

Hopewell Music

Our plan for sustainability and success

Funds raised through this emergency fundraiser will be used to continue our private lesson program through the school year, at which point we would suspend programming temporarily to develop a sustainable business model and apply a well-informed revenue strategy. Our goal is to implement best practices to avoid this kind of crisis in the future while providing consistent access to high-quality music education for our students and offering dependable living-wage employment to our teachers and staff.

We’re making this difficult request because it is our duty to do all we can to keep our music programs going. If Hopewell Music must close, we will do it gracefully with respect for our entire community. That is why we are sharing this important news with you, our supporters, and why we’re asking you to help if you are able.

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have shown our North Minneapolis music students over the years, we could not have accomplished all we have without your generosity.

Hopewell Music

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