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Give the Power of Music to North Minneapolis students!

"If Hopewell Music wasn’t here, I might have never touched an instrument." - Amelia, 2017

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Give Students the Full Power of Music

Your gift to Hopewell Music supports fair access to music education and enrichment in our North Minneapolis community. In a redlined area where school music programs have suffered budget cuts and elimination, your donation makes it possible for students to pursue music at the Northside's premier provider of music education.

Hopewell Students in Concert

Music is the medium through which we empower community, instill discipline, and inspire hope.

Our mission is to provide access to the life changing benefits of music in a neighborhood where market rate lesson prices just aren't realistic. In addition to truly affordable high quality music instruction, we offer our students and families ongoing mentorship and host over 20 public concerts and events each year.

Studies prove that across socioeconomic backgrounds, music making students perform better in school than those who have no musical involvement. Music is a powerful teaching and learning tool that enhances the lives and learning abilities of our students.

That's why we need your support to ensure the current and future students of Hopewell Music are given the full power of music. You'll be amazed at all of the good your donation will do for the students of Hopewell Music.